Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taiwan Tower_Sustainability Aesthetics & Nature
International Competition_Conceptual Design
Host Organization:Taichung City Government, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Honorable Mentions

\\Theme_Sustainability Aesthetics & Nature
"Mother Earth nourishes everything. Rotating seasons bring
in abundant harvest. Agriculture is the origin of Taiwan,
and cohabitation with nature is the goal that we purse with.
We piled the harvest of rice, spread out beautiful flower
petals, rise up the basket, and we thanks for the land,
thanks for God. The spirit of the design comes from the
dialogue between human and nature, through the
transformation of traditional cultural celebrations as a
symbol of the essence of Taiwan......"







Circular design elements are a symbol of an abundant
harvest of grain. Layers upon layers of petals combined
and framed the foundation of the Taiwan Tower with a
traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard. Bamboo
structure as an inspiration for the creation of this free-
standing light-weight structure of the "Double-Towers"
to form a nature "Gateway" to Taichung. A Floating
Orchid as a symbolic tribute of a flower basket presented
to the people and to god......

\\Functional Schemes & Design Concepts
Taiwan Tower is to be located at the southern tip of Central
Park, across from the Economic and Trade Park to the north.
Its 360m height surpassing the Dadu Mountain vantage point
and affording a view of the Taiwan Strait. Here, visitors will
be treated to a panorama view of the parks, the city and the
natural surroundings. Taiwan Tower will become the first stop
for tourists visiting Central Taiwan. It is designed to be a
portal or tourist services as well as the most important
landmark building in Central Taiwan. As a key tourist stop,
Taiwan Tower is anticipated to receive tourists 24hrs a day
and it will accommodate round-the-clock tourist and
recreational activities.

Taiwan Tower is a "Double-Tower" scheme with sightseeing
and recreational functions and as a model for green building.
Its overall functional scheme can be divided into three main
parts from top to bottom;
1) Observatory [Entertainment]
2) Double-Towers [Ecology]
3) Museum Complex [Educational]

The main functions of the Taiwan Tower consist of Observatory,
Environmental Quality Monitoring Station, Radio and Digital
Signal Transmission Base & Museums. Besides its sightseeing
functions, the ecological "Double-Towers' will also consist of
Four Season Vertical Farms, Aviary Habitats & Multiple
Viewing Platforms with Sky Gardens

\\ Experiencing Taiwan Tower
The Taiwan Tower experience starts from the Educational
Development [Museum Complex] on the ground level, visitors
are forced to walk into the centralized courtyard which features
a 360m High Atrium Lobby that looks up the "Double-Tower".
Giving the first impression of an ecological designed
environment. Each Theme Museum [Past, Present & Future]
will feature and exhibits city's development including is history,
urban design and planning. It is an interactive and flexible
space that each museums is designed to attach a special
entertainment facility, such as Outdoor Performing Stage,
Water Plaza, Shops, Cafe and a Green House Complex.

Visitors continue the journey up and through the Ecological
Environment [Vertical Farms & Aviary Habitats]. The elevator
channels are designed to be located in-between the four-
season Vertical Farms and Aviary Habitats which allow
visitors to experience the atmospherical affects while going
up the tower.

The tour concludes as visitors are led up the "Double-Tower"
to the Entertainment Amenities [Observatories & Restaurants]
for a bird's-eye view of Taichung City. At the highest level,
visitors can walk freely on the two separated floating podium.
An external interior Sky-Walk suspended and connected the
north podium to the south podium giving visitors a totally new
experience to walk in the sky.

\\Iconic Landmark
Taiwan Tower play an inevitable role to a city's aesthetics.
This iconic landmark not only includes good functioning with
usability, but also be able to attract public attentions. The
form of the Taiwan Tower not only emphasize the building's
uniqueness and self-charateristics, Taiwan Tower also
represent localization, having ecological properties, and
cable to reflect the era's mainstream of aesthetics according
to folk culture and climate. Taiwan Tower is to possess a
form with the characteristics of "Sustainability Aesthetics".

Project Designer: Steven Ma
Team members: San Liu/ Xinyu Wan/ Emre Icdem

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