Friday, April 30, 2010

exterior lighting grant 2010: street furniture/ec-O_Bench

image_01/05_Extreme Lighting
ec-O_Bench infuses nature into pedestrian traffic zones by creating a self-sustaining eco-system that envelopes sitters in living and growing plant-life. ec-O_Bench collects and filters rainwater and harnesses sunlight using thin-film photovoltaics, creating a welcoming resting spot even when it's dark outside.

image_02/05_Overall Concept
ec-O_Bench is a multifunctional green concept bench system which generates electricity through solar panels that are embedded into the top of the extended structure which hovers above the suggested seating area. These panels harness electricity during the day to illuminate the seating are at night. A built-in system collects and filters water that is used for healthy plant growth. As they grow the plants wind around the bench's circular structure, creating a jungle-like canopy dangling above the user.

image_03/05_Formal & Functional Concept
The continuity, twisted and visual dynamism is generated through the unique properties of a [mobius strip] concept. Double [mobius strip] ws used to transform and mutate.

image_04/05_Technical Drawings & Specs

image_05/05_Materials Research & Environmental Affects
ec-O_Bench design is intended to be constructed of Bio-Luminum and Bio-Glass. The Bio-Luminum tiles are made from salvaged parts from retired airplanes and are an excellent long-lasting and high-strength materials. Bio-Glass is engineered from recycled glass with no additives or colorants. Both materials will contribute towards LEED certification.

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