Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Instructor: Hernan Diaz Alonso/ Benjamin Bratton
Project Team: Steven Ma/ Thorne Ransom

The contemporary Megachurch is sometimes an opportunistic adaptive re-use, taking over arenas, warehouses even parking lots as needed, and always inheriting some of the atmosphere of these. As forms, they have scale but often not sufficient sacrality; they don’t achieve the same resolution of political and sensual grandeur of Cathedrals of the past. This project intends to give a more contemporary, more official, and more fantastic form to these emergent political bodies.

By studying Gothic religious architecture through the lens of new technologies in considering their success in marrying the social, spiritual, political and sensual into a single design. Immerse ourselves in local mega churches to directly empathize with the needs of this varied, complex client base. Like many other masters, Gaudi understood that religious architectures should be pronounced as transcending the technology of its production, something is invited to appear - what god then is now the phantasic mutation.

Collectives, Congregations and Congresses: Post-Secular Aesthetics and the Wounded Ironies of Christianity USA.

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